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Moral March on Raleigh-HKonJ People's Assembly




Our legislators are systematically seeking to abridge and suppress our vote and disrespect the rivers of blood which made our vote possible - we will mobilize like never before and cast ballots like never before. We will vote those who will pass just and moral policies that help the "least of these" and those who are most oppressed.

The Moral March on Raleigh is part of a love and justice movement. We LOVE justice in Education; We LOVE Economic Sustainability, We LOVE Workers and Workers' Rights and Livable Wages; We LOVE Health Care For All, Medicaid Expansion: We LOVE our Environment; We LOVE Equal Protection Under the Law, without regard to creed, race, gender, gender identity or sexual orientation; We LOVE Voting Rights For All; We LOVE criminal justice.

We LOVE the most vulnerable within our State and Nation; We LOVE the power and beauty of diversity within our State and Nation; We LOVE our neighbors; WE ARE IN THIS LOVE TOGETHER! And We are determined to go "FORWARD TOGETHER, NOT ONE STEP BACK!"

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