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Steadfast House




Steadfast House provides women a fresh start and a place to heal surrounded and supported by Christian love, trust, education and companionship. Our mission is to provide stability to homeless women and moms with children; provide personal skill building for women; provide education and training that equip women for employment and sustainable housing; provide reintegration skills and opportunities that lead to greater self-determination. 

Women at Steadfast House attend a variety of life skills classes and learn how to build esteem, manage emotions such as depression and anger, develop and maintain sobriety through recovery, and practical skills that lead to jobs for life. Through weekly case management sessions, the Steadfast House staff addresses the challenges the women face and provide tools to help them achieve their goals.

Short-term goals are established such as getting a GED, driver's license, finding child care, and learning to manage a household budget. As women grow, they are assisted with their long range goals, such as a new career path, education and permanent housing.

The number one request of our women is to have another woman they can relate to. Being a mentor through Christian Women's Job Corp or Circles is to empower and equip them for the future. ABCCM offers training and support in this rewarding relationship.

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