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StoneCreek Health & Rehabilitation




At StoneCreek Health & Rehabilitation, you will find a comfortable, supportive place to recover from orthopedic surgery, heal from medical trauma or receive long-term care in Asheville, NC. From our health specialists to other residents, we create a safe haven for residents, so that you can have your best recovery.

As part of the SanStone community, StoneCreek Health sets the standard for rehabilitative care through our services, including physical therapynutritional care and more. Your treatment is tailored to your health needs, and a team of specialists is committed to your personal improvement.

You will also enjoy our quality amenities, such as private or semi-private suites, daily events and activities, 24-hour nursing care and more. We proudly serve 120 residents and boast a strong community that encourages you every step of the way.

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