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Warren Wilson College - Center for Community Engagement

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Erin Montero

This course is a pursuit of the language in greater depth, focusing on writing, research, literature, culture, and speaking skills, in preparation for LAN 353 Latin American Culture, LAN 455 Hispanic Short Stories and Poetry, LAN 490-498 Special Topics, and LAN 399 and 499 Independent Study.
Modern Languages30.000

Jennifer Mozolic

Biopsychology is the study of how our behavior, thoughts, and emotions are supported by the nervous system. This course focuses on the fundamental brain structures and biological processes that underlie many different behaviors and disorders studied by psychologists, including development, brain inj...

Community Engagement WWC

The major focus of this course is to provide students with the opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge that help them become effective, confident, competent, and safe challenge course leaders. The course is highly experiential and takes place out at the Gossmann and Cannon Adventure Learning La...
Outdoor Leadership8124.0031

Annie Jonas

This course covers psychological principles and research findings as they apply to teaching and learning. Topics include examination of appropriate developmental practices, intelligence, cognition, motivation, cultural diversity, classroom community, and classroom management. In addition, students w...

Maura Davis

This course is designed to allow students to examine the world of children’s literature and explore the significance of emergent literacy skills. It emphasizes skills that are related to literacy development from infancy through third grade. Students analyze books from different genres, discover t...
Education 60.000

Amy Boyd

This course covers methods and concepts facilitating the study and appreciation of natural history. Most weekly lab sessions are in the field to investigate various ecosystems and their inhabitants. Course topics may include forest succession, edible wild plants, field ecology methods, ponds and str...

Chris Kypriotis

Democratic Thinking: We are all members of multiple communities at the same time. How do we think about our place in those communities? How do we interact within them? What are our responsibilities? In this course, we will study democratic politics as it relates to all the communities in which we li...

M/W/F 8:00-9:30 · Mara McLaughlin-Taylor

This course explores establishing on-going and meaningful relationships through local partnerships.
Center for Community Engagement10.000

Amy Knisley

Everybody's Environment! On the Ground with Environmental Justice: What happens when community-based justice work and environmentalism intersect? In this First Year Seminar, students find out. We explore diverse perspectives on environmental issues, asking: "which perspectives are missing? whose voi...

Sally Fischer

Existentialist Philosophy through Film and Fiction: Existentialist philosophy calls on us to reflect meaningfully on our lives, particularly on our social and personal values. This goal – meaningful reflection and meaningful action beginning from one's experience of existence – will be seen as a...

Carol Howard

Gardens and the Literary Imagination: Why make the biblical setting of creation and transgression a garden? Why discover a cottage garden as the original scene of African American women’s art? In this course, students consider the ways in which gardens help writers to explore the depths of the hum...

Lucy Lawrence

Human Rights in Moving Pictures: When addressing the 1959 March for Integrated Schools in Washington, D. C., Dr. Martin Luther King said;Make a career of humanity. Commit yourself to the noble struggle for equal rights. You will make a better person of yourself, a greater nation for your country, an...

Matt Hoffman

Interfaith Dialogue: Just a Buzz Phrase or a New Approach to Justice?: As religious diversity in the United States gradually increases, the backlash against religious diversity has become more pronounced. Discrimination and Islamophobia have become defining characteristics of modern political discou...

Math Anxiety Investigated: Are opportunities closed to many in our society because of a lack of math literacy? Many experts argue that math literacy is a civil rights crisis of our day. Experts in math education, psychology, and neurology study math phobia and generate hypotheses about its causes an...

Amy Boyd

The Forgotten Pollinators: We depend on animal pollinators for production of nearly 80 percent of the seeds and fruits that make up the human diet, and yet this essential service has been ignored and often threatened by human activity. In this course, we will study the fascinating and vital relation...

Ben Feinberg

The Making of Trump's America: The 2016 election stunned many Americans, including pundits and ordinary citizens who viewed the spectacle of Trump's campaign and victory as something unprecedented. But at the same time, the emergence of Trumpism; draws on deep themes in American culture and history....

Michael Matin

The Music of Poetry and the Poetry of Music: Ancient epic poets regarded poetry as a form of music. The nineteenth-century cultural critic Walter Pater famously wrote that;All art constantly aspires towards the condition of music. This course explores the deep kinship between poetic language and mus...

Bob Swoap

Thriving: How the Science of Positive Psychology Can Help Us Flourish: What contributes to satisfying, engaging, and meaningful living? What conditions allow college students, and people generally, to flourish? We will address these questions by examining and interpreting research in psychology and ...

Phil Jamison

Traditional Music and Dance in Community: What is the role of traditional music and dance in a community, and how are the values and cultural norms of a community reflected in these traditions? What is the difference between a community dance and a dance community and how do music and dance create c...

Lara Nguyen

Trash to Treasure: The Art of Upcycling: This course focuses on the practice of art & craft through upcycling. Through discussion and hands-on experience, we will explore contemporary examples of this process and its aesthetic principles--from D.I.Y., to Art & Craft Activism, to the work of internat...